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    At Premiere Property Services, we LISTEN to our customers to truly understand their wants and needs. You can trust us to hear you and deliver results beyond your expectations.
    We're here to serve you as an "All Seasons" window cleaner, any window any time!
    Our business is veteran-owned and operated, with over 30 years of experience under our belts. You can trust that you have professional experience taking on the duty for you.
    We go the extra mile for you. Call us and we'll come by ASAP!
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Our Services

Window cleaning
Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning services from Premiere Property Services include clearing dead bugs and dirt out of the window sills. We inform you of potential problems we may spot, such as spalling concrete, wood rot in fascia or eaves, or pest infestations.

Solar panel cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Keep your residential, commercial or industrial solar panel investment running at optimal performance with periodic cleanings by Premiere Property Services. To serve you, we use de-ionized water-fed pole technology for pure, high-quality cleaning.

Gutter cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is often stressful and time-consuming work, so skip the trouble and leave it to Premiere Property Services. We'll clear out any blockages and scrub your gutters for maximum drainage.

Pressure wash
Pressure Washing

Sometimes your home or business in the Murray, UT area needs a more powerful cleaning solution. That's why we offer pressure washing to scrub away even that stubborn grime on your building's exterior.

Scan bim
Scan-to-BIM / Drafting (Facility Mapping)

Using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser scanning technology, we image your facility to locate your assets to accuracies up to 4-6 mm. Using the point cloud image, we can provide detailed topographies, floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, etc. in 2D or 3D drawings. Deliverables are typically in REVIT, AutoCAD or Microstation file formats.

Our Story

It all started in 1989 after a broken engagement. The loss spun me into a depression where I realized I had never dealt with the death of my Dad when I was 19. During that time two friends of mine, Greg Trine and Don May, graduated with business degrees from Cal State Northridge and started “Buff Brothers Window Cleaning”. They asked me if I’d help them clean windows – and I said yes! All the employees had to have nicknames that started with “B”. Greg was “BUBBA”, Don was “BILLY and those two knighted me with the name “BULDUCCI” (pronounced Bull-due-chee). We all had a belly laugh over that and the names stuck. To my surprise, I found the work to be very satisfying. Don could make a rock laugh – he was hilarious! Greg’s encouraging attitude was contagious. It was good for me to be with these guys. Over time I recovered from the broken engagement and found closure from the loss of my Dad. And to this day, I love seeing clean windows make people happy. It’s part of me and I enjoy sharing that with folks!


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